Subject: Re: groff from today
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2003 00:31:55
>Source is from today.
>The system is an MP box that was last updated on 9/9/2003.
>c++ -I. -I/usr/src/gnu/dist/groff/src/roff/troff  -I/usr/src/tools/groff/obj/build/src/include -I/usr/src/gnu/dist/groff/src/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -O  -c /usr/src/gnu/dist/groff/src/roff/troff/uniuni.cpp
>c++ -O  -o troff dictionary.o  div.o  env.o  glyphuni.o  input.o  majorminor.o  node.o  number.o  reg.o  symbol.o  unicode.o  uniglyph.o  uniuni.o /usr/src/tools/groff/obj/build/src/libs/libgroff/libgroff.a  -lm
>div.o(.rodata+0x5ec): undefined reference to `__pure_virtual'
>div.o(.rodata+0x5f0): undefined reference to `__pure_virtual'
>div.o(.rodata+0x5f4): undefined reference to `__pure_virtual'
>div.o(.rodata+0x5f8): undefined reference to `__pure_virtual'
>div.o(.rodata+0x5fc): undefined reference to `__pure_virtual'
>div.o(.rodata+0x600): more undefined references to `__pure_virtual' follow
>*** Error code 1
>make: stopped in /usr/src/tools/groff/obj/build/src/roff/troff
>*** Error code 1

you don't, by any chance, have half a build installed (ie, a build
that died before completing), do you?

i hit this about two weeks ago or so on my sparc.  i worked around it
by replacing the contents of /usr/include and /usr/lib with something
not quite so new.  the problem seems to be in or

sadly, the sparc still refuses to build, but for a different reason
that i cannot fathom.

dependall ===> libarch/sparc/v8
CC=/usr/src/tools-sparc/bin/sparc--netbsdelf-gcc /usr/src/tools-sparc/bin/nbmkdep -f sparc_v8.d      -nostdinc -isystem /usr/include   -traditional-cpp  /usr/src/lib/libarch/sparc/v8/sparc_v8.S
cat sparc_v8.d /dev/null > .depend
/usr/src/tools-sparc/bin/sparc--netbsdelf-gcc     -nostdinc -isystem /usr/include -c -traditional-cpp -DPIC -DBIGPIC -fPIC -DPIC   /usr/src/lib/libarch/sparc/v8/sparc_v8.S -o
/usr/src/tools-sparc/bin/sparc--netbsdelf-ld -x -r -o
rm -f
building shared object sparc_v8 library
Bad pAUX_base
*** Error code 1

okay, so "Bad pAUX_base" means that found pAUX_base to be NULL,
but but but...why did that happen?  and what do i thwap to make it go

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