Subject: Re: BSD Authentication
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/25/2003 20:22:04
Quoting Peter Seebach (
> In message <>, write
> >>1.  Does anyone have BSD Auth working on NetBSD?
> >>2.  Does anyone plan to?
> >>
> >>I'm interested in this, just because it's one of my favorite features ever.
> >	every time i raise this question, i get attacked by pro-PAM people.
If the "pro-PAM" people don't have code, they can shove off.

> Well, let's try another option.
> I want BSD auth.
> Does anyone have a strong objection to including it in the system?  I could
> write it from the spec in a day or two.

Golly, it would be neat to have BSD Auth in NetBSD.
I'd use it over and over.  Just like seeing Cats.

I'll bet Todd Miller at OpenBSD might even be helpful if you
approached him as an original author and generally agreeable sort.

The missing bit is name service stuff ("extending" passwd|services|whatever
to use a name service to get the info you want;  the Hesiod support
may be the best hook to get at that, though).

I like aspects of PAM.
But I just keep a spray pump bottle of cooking oil near the stove
for my other PAM needs.

I have little tolerance for the whiners about different versions.
Sun designed it and showed it to Ted T'so.  Ted got it implemented
and working (without writing code himself) in a couple months for Linux.
Eventually Sun showed up with it.  FreeBSD then did it.

Do I care about the diffs?  No!  Mostly, I want to LDAP backend stuff
with Kerberos or LDAP/SSL for authentication.  I can cope with Sun and
Linux and FreeBSD differences.