Subject: PPBUS on
To: None <>
From: Gary Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/22/2003 15:59:42

I have finally uploaded the code for ppbus unto SourceForge:
[No direct links because there are several mirrors to choose from...]

The group web page is (pretty sparse for now):

There are two files: a gzipped tarball and a gzipped unified diff
against src/. The tarball contains some extra things like a small
utility and preliminary man pages (where do man pages for the kernel go
in the source tree?). Both include a kernel config file for i386,
although atppc/ppbus/lpt should work on any machine with an LPT port on
on isa bus (this is what atppc supports, ppbus isn't really limited by
Anyone interested can download them and see how they work (or don't
work). I would appreciate feedback on the code, documentation, etc.
Please try to use the project web page to make sure I will see a list
of things to do (in adition to email):

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