Subject: Compiler error on i386..?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/22/2003 14:26:07
support/ internal error--insn does not satisfy its 
(insn 1997 2292 2224 (set (reg:SI 1 %edx)
        (plus:SI (mult:SI (plus:SI (reg:SI 6 %ebp)
                    (const_int -640 [0xfffffd80]))
                (const_int 2 [0x2]))
            (reg:SI 0 %eax))) 206 {movsi_lea} (nil)

This was generated from the following:

g++ -c -o finder.o -pipe -Dunix -I/usr/pkg/include -O2 -fPIC -DOS_NETBSD 
-DOS_NETBSDX86 -Isupport support/

What a strange error. :-) Comments? Suggestions? Derisive laughter?

Here're some version strings:

g++ --version

uname -a
NetBSD worky 1.6U NetBSD 1.6U (worky) #0: Fri Jul 25 13:25:57 PDT 2003  
root@worky:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/worky i386

It is a recent -current anyway. This error does not present itself when 
-fPIC is not part of the compile argument list. ONLY with -fPIC AND -O2 

Removing -O2 and replacing it with -O1 solves the problem.

What's going on here? Thanks!
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