Subject: Re: aic_7901_controler
To: Andreas Rohde <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/2003 16:06:00
On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 03:52:24PM +0000, Andreas Rohde wrote:
> ... we've got a ServerWorks chipset board with
> ADAPTEC aic-7901 onboard chip.
> It does not work properly. 
> As I assume it looks like a 2nd controller BIOS revison.
> Has anybody this controller running under FreeBSD ? 

There were some problems with the ahd driver that affected both
FreeBSD and NetBSD; it would hang with some U320 drives. I'm
not sure if this has been fixed in FreeBSD yet, if so, then
we must re-sync the driver with FreeBSD.

- Frank