Subject: Re: The smallest multi-user system
To: NetBSD - current-users <>
From: Brian Rose <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/19/2003 15:05:16
Another problem I am having is relates to booting off of a ramdrive.

The kernel boots up and populates a ramdrive which it then mounts as root. The problem is that there are some files in the rc system that need a /netbsd file. Putting the kernel in the ramdrive is possible, but redundant.

Another possibility is to create a link, but the files that need this (in rc.d/sysdb) are run before the mounting of the filesystems in /etc/fstab. Also, this would create a problem for clients that boot over the network and do not have access to the file early in the boot process.

Is there any other way to resolve this?