Subject: Re: NFS unmounting problem
To: None <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/18/2003 00:26:36
walt <> typed:
: I'm unable to unmount NFS mounts because of the way they appear in, well,
: in the old days it would have been mtab or mnttab, but those are gone,
: apparently, and I'm not sure where 'mount' gets its list of mounted fs's.

/etc/fstab (unless you use amd)

: Anyway, 'mount' shows NFS mounts like this:
: otherbox:/ on /mnt/ type nfs
: Note the trailing / after the mount directory.  This apparently screws
: things up for umount, which claims that /mnt isn't mounted.  This is
: correct, of course, since /mnt/ is the one that is mounted, not /mnt .

Use the -R option: ``umount -R /mnt/''
Geoff Wing