Subject: Re: The smallest multi-user system
To: Brian Rose <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/15/2003 14:46:51
In message <>, Brian Rose writes:
>Allen Briggs wrote:
>> Put the following in your kernel configuration file to change that:
>> options 	MEMORY_RBFLAGS=0        # don't force single-user
>> -allen
>I found the following code (listed below) that indicates memory disks always g
>o to single user. It does not seem to check the MEMORY_RBFLAGS flag. My system
> is a 1.6.0 build. Do I need to update?
>Anyway I put in some changes (preceded by >>'s) and the system is working - so
>rt of.
>The system exits and runs the /etc/rc script and then drops to a login prompt.
> The login prompt, however does not say "login:". The string seems to be corru
>pted because there is an 'l', 'o', then a t-like character, 'i', then a sigma 
>(or rounded e character), followed by a colon and then an accented 'a'.
>When I enter the username and press ENTER, it echoes the username, followed by
> an accented 'i'. The cariage return produces a linefeed only, so the "Passwor
>d:" prompt (which displays normally otherwise) is below the accented 'i' after
> the username. After entering the password,  I am given the banner and then th
>e login prompt.
>This looks like the work of an ill-initialized terminal. I'm guessing that it 
>is the 'ttyflags -a' call in /etc/rc.d/ttys file.

Yes -- almost certainly a parity issue on ttyoutput.
>The last problem (for now) that I notice is that the filesystem is still read-
>only. This looks like it is taken care of with a 'mount -a' in the /etc/rc.d/m
>ountall file.

You may want to retain the rc.d structure; it gives you a lot of 

		--Steve Bellovin,