Subject: How to debug pthreads as end-user ?
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/14/2003 20:55:34
Oookay. So here we are with our scheduler activations and some apps don't
like them :) Of course, it's the fat ones. Phoenix either crashes on startup,
or runs stable. dillo hangs itself on name lookups and won't move an inch.
xmms crashes on startup some times, and reliably won't play more than about
40 minutes before it hangs itself.

So what can I do about it ? Can I have a howto or sth of information you people
want to know so I can help debug it ? like when xmms hangs, sure I can attach
to the process and print some info .. or trace it.. or ^\ it and examine the
core or ... but what should I look for ? what template of information will help
you guys ? Please store some directions on what to do to improve our SA in
the mailing list :)



PS: Ignore that about phoenix. It just hung :> Er. crashed. Seems its memory
was swapped out and it really really really didn't like swapping it back in.
What I thought is a hung is a wonderful crash, and I have a damping fresh
MozillaFirebird-.core lying around...