Subject: Re: The smallest multi-user system
To: NetBSD - current-users <>
From: David Young <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/14/2003 12:27:08
On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 09:48:28AM -0700, Derek God3 wrote:
> Speaking of which, I'm somewhat of a NetBSD newbie, but
> firstly: is there a better way to "release" smaller distributions. For 
> my embedded
> box, I only have 30MB of Compact flash, so can't sysinst anything
> without modification. The distrib/set is too course for embedded. I
> notice the lists have package names in them but I can't tell if these
> can be used or not. As a quick hack I added:

  The setnames are for System Packages.  I have used them to pare down
  to less than 50 megs, and I have not hit a hard barrier to paring down
  even further. I " install=<tmpdir>", I register the packages
  using src/distrib/sets/regpkg, and then I pkg_delete the ones that I
  do not want.


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