Subject: Re: The smallest multi-user system
To: NetBSD - current-users <>
From: Brian Rose <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/14/2003 10:51:29
Simon Burge wrote:
> Is your root filesystem (well, the /etc directory) read-only?  Or does
> a stale /etc/ptmp file exist?

The system I am testing has everything loaded into a ramdisk embedded into the kernel. I just boot up netbsd.test at the boot prompt to check it out. I'm also using crunchgen, which merges all the executeables together into one file, which is statically linked, so I shouldn't need the linker and the libraries.

My filesystem is listed below.

Root was readonly. So I copied mount and mount_ffs into /sbin and created a /etc/fstab with the following entries...

/dev/md0a / ffs rw 1 1
/dev/md0b none swap sw 0 0

After doing a "mount -u /" at the prompt, I was able to successfully change the root password. However, the system still drops to the prompt without a login after booting. What do I need to do to get to the login screen? Is this the function of the rc system?

Thanks in advance.

My filesystem so far...
cat cp  ls  sh  vi

(.. all the /dev nodes for MAKEDEV ramdisk)

fstab           passwd          rc.conf         ttys
master.passwd   pwd.db          spwd.db

init      mount     mount_ffs reboot

bin     libexec sbin

login  passwd