Subject: Re: questions/problems
To: James Chacon <>
From: Jeff <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/2003 05:43:45
Yes, that is the exact command line I am using.  /usr/src is not r/o,
however the seemingly inconsistent results is what confuses me.  I will try
r/o and see what results.

> Umm..are these the only options you use? I just did an exact build using
> those options on a r/o /usr/src tree and it all builds into the obj dir
> correctly.
> James
> >
> >I want to keep /usr/src clean, but on occasion I get .lo and .d files populated
> >in the /usr/src/tools/*/ directories.  Is there a way to avoid this?
> >
> >I am using the following command line:
> >
> >./ -O /q/build/obj -D /q/build/dest -R /q/build/release
> >	-T /q/build/tools tools kernel=GENERIC
> >
> >/etc/mk.conf is empty.
> >