Subject: Re: Patch to change ethernet link addresses
To: None <>
From: Dheeraj Reddy <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/2003 04:32:50
  I wasn't subscribed to any lists until now. 
Thanks for all the comments David/Itojun/...

I never could understand why one would need multiple link-layer addresses.
 which is what my reasoning was to use the SET semantics (apart from of course
the earlier discussion).

But I think there have been compelling arguements. Except for
the fact that there is probably a reason why none has tried to do this
(link-level address deleting) before. (my ignorance could be a factor here)
  In any case it isn't as simple as i thought it would be :). (for a 
first jab at low-level coding)..
  I shall read a bit more of the code this week and possible come back
  As of now as i understand it, the link level addresses need to be more like
IPv4/V6 addresses that are Addable,Deletable,Gettable.(which is different than
how other OSes that have such a functionality behave).