Subject: Question about & BSDOBJDIR
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/2003 12:56:22

I just stopped building on my weak machines and moved it over to a bigger one,
and now am building on it (phaeton) like this:

$ ./ -T /usr/tools -O /usr/<target>-obj -D /usr/<target>-dest distribution

where target is the name of the target machine (in my cases, demon,
hermes, helios and cerberus), using different places because I
build each distribution with optimizations fitting for the target.

(...except for phaeton which gets built in /usr/obj and /usr/dest.)

Now I wanted to make sets to install on one of those, and I didn't remember
the argument (sets of course :) so I went help, saw param and my
curiosity arose, looking at its output. Well, and I was surprised to see
BSDOBJDIR something totally strange:

===> Updated /usr/tools/bin/nbmake-i386
           BSDSRCDIR = '/usr/src'
           BSDOBJDIR = '/usr/obj'
             BUILDID = (undefined)
             DESTDIR = '/usr/demon-dest/'
  EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN = (undefined)
         KERNARCHDIR = 'arch/i386'
         KERNCONFDIR = '/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf'
          KERNOBJDIR = '/usr/demon-obj//sys/arch/i386/compile'
          KERNSRCDIR = '/usr/src/sys'
             MACHINE = 'i386'
        MACHINE_ARCH = 'i386'
            MAKECONF = '/etc/mk.conf'
           MAKEFLAGS = ' -m /usr/src/share/mk HOST_OSTYPE=NetBSD-1.6W-i386 MKOBJDIRS=yes _SRC_TOP_=/usr/src'
          MAKEOBJDIR = '/usr/demon-obj/'
    MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX = (undefined)
           MKOBJDIRS = 'yes'
          MKUNPRIVED = 'no'
            MKUPDATE = 'no'
          RELEASEDIR = '/usr/demon-obj//releasedir'
             TOOLDIR = '/usr/tools'
            USETOOLS = 'yes'

So... now I wonder whether this is giving me any problems, /usr/obj
contains stuff optimized for i686, the machine I want to install has
no optimizations (and is a 486).. Will stuff from /usr/obj now end up
on my 486, being unrunnable ? Shouldn't BSDOBJDIR be adjusted to what-
ever is supplied with -O to ?

Note I do not know BSDOBJDIR's effect, just saw it's a wrong path...