Subject: Re: disklabel behaving badly (i386)
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/2003 17:56:19
Ok, lets decode the mbr:

   --start-    ---end--
   hd sc cy tp hd sc cy   start LBA    size LBA
80 01 01 00 0b fe 7f fd  3f 00 00 00  3f 04 7d 00
00 00 41 fe a5 fe ff ff  7e 04 7d 00  bd 86 bb 00
00 00 c1 ff a5 fe ff ff  3b 8b 38 01  00 82 7d 00
00 00 c1 ff 0f fe ff ff  3b 0d b6 01  86 d7 9a 07
55 aa

So partitions are dos, freebsd, freebsd, extended (LBA).
disklabel should be searching the extended partition list for a
netbsd (type 0xa9) partition.

In fact it is reading offset 0x6c1a7600 or sector 0x360d3b instead
of offset 0x36c1a76 for sector 0x1b60d3b.
Except that isn't enough to make it loop - I actually suspect ktrace
isn't actually reporting the high part of the offset.

A close inspection of the disklabel.c source shows that it is reading
the wrong sector!

Fixed by rev 1.117 of disklabel.c


David Laight: