Subject: Mediation and Some Guide Questions
To: None <,>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/25/2003 09:09:34
Hello ... aaaagain :)

Well, a lot of folks have indicated that they would like
the install example kept. The problem I have indicated, however,
is maintaining it.

I think I have a solution. This weekend I am going to split
off the install example into a seperate chapter. Anyone who
wants to update it may feel free to do so, if it is not up
to par when 2.0 is released, when we branch the Guide for 
2.0, we simply exclude that chapter, note that we can always
suck it back in later.

Problem solved on my end :-)

Now to answer a few questions that cropped up that may have
not made it to the lists:

	- is XML/Docbook the forever new format?
	  I do not have an opinion on the format itself. Whatever
	  it ends up being someday, is fine by me. I just want to
	  see the Guide get more stuff from our Documentation and 
	  of course, timely inclusion of new technologies. I guess
	  I am more concerned about content. One thing I do know,
	  the Guide was (is) outdated yet people still use it. It
	  needed to be owned and fixed.

	- when will it be intree?
	  See above :) I don't know, I do not even know the logistics
	  of doing that. Right now I see the Guide more as a well
	  organized online reference that has the possibility of
	  morphing into something a little more integrated. 

	- why don't you have designated maintainers for each chapter?
	  Simple, manpower, or lack thereof. Actually, I have been
	  able to keep pace with additions and corrections on my own,
	  so right now I do not see a need for a maintainer for each
	  chapter or subject. Of course, all contributions and their
	  authors are noted in the Guide if the author wsihes.
	  That could change of course ;-)

	- I would like to contribute, what can I do?
	  I have answered  this before :) Small corrections can be
	  sent to me in any format, large ones (say more than 2 or
	  three paragraphs) need to be in XML/Docbook. Of course
	  I prefer XML/Docbook.
	  For those looking for some direction in new material, in a
	  few days I am going to post to netbsd-docs@ a list of new
	  material I think we need to include. I will mark the
	  material I plan on adding. Of course I will miss a 
	  few items so suggestions will be welcome.

Again, thanks to everyone for your help, work, and suggestions. 
Talk to you soon on netbsd-docs :-)


Jay Fink