Subject: Re: Crashes when removing an usb flash reader
To: Michal 'hramrach' Suchanek <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/2003 17:14:52
On Friday 18 July 2003 11:45, Michal 'hramrach' Suchanek wrote:
> My kernel sources are probably from Jul 15
> When I connect my usb flash reader I get /dev/sd0d.
> I can do "cat /dev/sd0d >/dev/null" and unplug the reader while cat is
> running. Once the system crashed, twice it just locked.
> I was unable to get any coredump.
> I will try with a different kernel once I update and compile a new vers=

Unfortunatelly, I can just confirm this. NetBSD i386/1.6.1. We use USB=20
FlashDisks for data transfer from some embedded system. Board's controlle=
r is=20
OHCI/USB 1.1. When while writting data on mounted disk (FS is FAT16) I de=
disk system completely locks and is not responsible anymore. Only reboot=20
helps. No panics etc just lock. Kernel dumps arn't available. The behavio=
is 100% reproduceble.

Any ideas what could happen ? ATM I'm slowly trying to investigate what=20
happens when I remove disk what's in use but cannot say I have lot of suc=
for now.

JSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Center.