Subject: Undefined simbols on libc ( pthread_setcancelstate )
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/2003 05:15:05
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Hi, I have updated my sources ( 1 hour ago iirc ), but now
if I try to run an application my system hangs.

Looking at the latest changes by Nathan Williams to 
src/lib/libc/stdio/flockfile.c, the function 
pthread_setcancelstate was added on the revision 1.4 (
from today ), looking with nm seems that this simbol
in undefined:

[juan@Nocturno][~] nm /lib/|grep U                 
00030d50 W MD2Update
0003063c W MD4Update
0002fda4 W MD5Update
00036e7c W RMD160Update
000353d4 W SHA1Update
00030d50 T _MD2Update
0003063c T _MD4Update
0002fda4 T _MD5Update
00036e7c T _RMD160Update
000353d4 T _SHA1Update
         U __progname
         U environ
         U pthread_setcancelstate

Can be it the cause of these hangs ?

Juan RP		<>

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