Subject: Re: CVS from NetBSD Project Autobuild results
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/15/2003 13:53:20
> And sure enough, last night's failed again due to flist inconsistencies.  

flist discrepencies are a slight problem, but are not, IMHO, major failures
are they are trivial to fix.

> ===> command: ./ -O /usr/obj -T ../tools -u distribution
> ===> started: Mon Jul 14 23:01:38 EDT 2003
> ...
> (cd /home/current/src/distrib/sets && /home/current/src/../tools/bin/nbmake checkflist)
> DESTDIR=/usr/obj/destdir.i386  MACHINE=i386 MACHINE_ARCH=i386  CKSUM=/home/current/src/../tools/bin/nbcksum MAKE=/home/current/src/../tools/bin/nbmake MTREE=/home/current/src/../tools/bin/nbmtree  PAX=/home/current/src/../tools/bin/nbpax sh /home/current/src/distrib/sets/checkflist
> 1477a1478,1480
> > ./usr/include/milter
> > ./usr/include/milter/mfapi.h
> > ./usr/include/milter/mfdef.h
> 8789a8793
> > ./usr/share/man/cat8/i386/installboot.0
> 14275a14280
> > ./usr/share/man/man8/i386/installboot.8
> checkflist: flist inconsistencies found
> checkflist: key to output:
>   <  file is in flist but missing from DESTDIR
>      (file wasn't installed ?)
>   >  file is in DESTDIR but missing from flist
>      (file is obsolete or flist is out of date ?)

Ok, since they are extra files it is (probably) save to just delete them
from DESTDIR.  Indeed the installboot pages have been removed from the
build and distribution, so only exist in your DESTDIR from a previous

A quick check (see)
shows that the mfxxx.h files have been moved from /usr/include/milter
to /usr/include/libmilter.

So again the problem you are seeing is a side effect of an update build
and you must delete these files from DESTDIR by hand.

So you 'last night' build actually worked.


David Laight: