Subject: Re: new 802.11 driver: ADMtek ADM8211
To: None <>
From: felix zaslavskiy <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/06/2003 20:14:31
On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 20:10, David Young wrote:
> All,
> I've just committed to NetBSD my driver for the ADMtek ADM8211, a
> bus-mastering MAC for 802.11b. This is the first open-source driver for
> this ubiquitous chip.
> This is the chip that has brought the price of an 11Mb/s 802.11b radio
> *way* down. I just bought two PCI cards (LanReady WP2000) for $25
> each. The Cardbus cards are cheap, too.
> There are some outstanding problems with the driver, which I describe
> in the manual page.
> ADMtek tells me that you cannot use the ADM8211 to produce a host access
> point. It makes economic sense: they want to sell their access point
> chip, the ADM8211B. I will try a few more things before I write-off the
> possibility of an AP mode.
What exactly is needed to be an AP? Is it that device cannot be in
promiscuous mode ? 

> M. Warner Losh is going to do a FreeBSD port.
> Dave