Subject: startup/shutdown oddities
To: None <>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/06/2003 18:24:22
Hi, I have noticed two problems that just started recently in -current:

1) samba and apache, though their scripts are still in /etc/rc.d and rcorder
   still finds them in the same place it always did, are totally ignored by the
   bootup and shutdown process. I have to run /etc/rc.d/apache start and
   /etc/rc.d/samba start manually every time. When shutting down the system,
   they don't get shutdown the right way either, just killed along with
   everything else. (as on no 'Stopping apache...' on shutdown).

2) cron doesn't seem to be running things @reboot anymore. For example:

<dive@eros(/home/dive)> % crontab -l|grep @reboot
@reboot /usr/pkg/bin/fetchmail -f /home/dive/.fetchmailrc
@reboot /home/dive/seti/

Typically that would start up seti@home and fetchmail for me. It doesn't
anymore, despite the fact that I still see:
Jul  6 18:13:16 eros /usr/sbin/cron[369]: (dive) CMD (
/usr/pkg/bin/fetchmail -f /home/dive/.fetchmailrc) 
Jul  6 18:13:16 eros /usr/sbin/cron[560]: (dive) CMD (

in syslog. One oddity is that I also see:
Jul  6 18:13:16 eros fetchmail[637]: starting fetchmail 6.2.2 daemon  
But, fetchmail is most certainly not running when I log in, nor is
seti@home. Running either manually works as it should.

Any ideas?

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