Subject: Re: No virtual terminals?
To: None <,>
From: walt <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/06/2003 03:42:40
felix zaslavskiy wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 04:21, walt wrote:
>>I just updated a PC from 1.6 to 'current' and I see just one minor
>>problem I need to fix:
>>The only login prompt I get is on the console.  Using the Ctrl-Alt-Fx
>>keys gets me only black screens with a cursor in the upper left corner.

> Here is my setup it works.
> /etc/ttys
> console "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt100   off insecure
> ttyE0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt220   on secure
> ttyE1   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt220   on secure
> ttyE2   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt220   on secure
> ttyE3   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt220   on secure

Thank you!  Now that you point it out, I looked at that file
ten times and didn't see the 'off' by each tty.  <sigh>