Subject: Re: Proper Procedure for xsrc Release
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Bryan Vyhmeister <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/2003 13:59:06
On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 10:24 AM, Bryan Vyhmeister wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 06:00:50AM -0500, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Bryan Vyhmeister wrote:
>>> I am running a NetBSD 1.6U system from 06/27/2003 and I want to 
>>> build an xsrc
>>> snapshot for this system. I have tried the following:
>>> cd /usr/xsrc
>>> env DESTDIR=/usr/home/dest RELEASEDIR=/usr/home/release make release
>>> This works all the way until the very end and then errors right 
>>> before
>>> making the tarballs. I should have written down the error but I 
>>> didn't.
>>> I was wondering if someone could share the procedure for creating a
>>> snapshot release of xsrc. I want to be able to create tarballs for
>>> NetBSD 1.6U along with a snapshot of xsrc also built on NetBSD 1.6U.
>> That should work. I built a snapshot of 1.6U not too long ago (1.6T at
>> least, I'm certain). Try again with UPDATE=yes, but capture the output
>> this time. E.g, with a Bourne-style shell, like "/bin/ksh":
>>     make DESTDIR=/usr/home/dest RELEASEDIR=/usr/home/release \
>>         UPDATE=yes > mklog 2>&1 &
>> or csh-style, for "tcsh" or "bash":
>>     make DESTDIR=/usr/home/dest RELEASEDIR=/usr/home/release \
>>         UPDATE=yes >& mklog &
>> Note that you can set those variables on the "make" command line,
>> rather than the environment, though they work as well either way.


> Since that failed, I decided to try:
>      make DESTDIR=/usr/home/dest RELEASEDIR=/usr/home/release \
>          release snapshot >& /root/mklog2 &
> That is working right now. I don't know if it will work or not.
> I guess I will find out.

Here is the error output: in /usr/xsrc/local/programs/x11-ssh-askpass done
installing man pages in /usr/xsrc/local/programs/xsystrace... in /usr/xsrc/local/programs/xsystrace done
install -d -m 755 -o root -g wheel /usr/home/release/i386/binary/sets
cd /usr/src/distrib/sets &&  sh ./maketars -x -d /usr/home/dest -N 
/usr/src/etc -t /usr/home/release/i386/binary/sets
Usage: ./maketars [-b] [-x] [-a arch] [-m machine] [-s setsdir] [-M 
                 [-d dest] [-t tars] [setname ...]
         -b              make netbsd + x11 lists
         -x              only make x11 lists
         -a arch         set arch (e.g, m68k, mipseb, mipsel, powerpc) 
         -m machine      set machine (e.g, amiga, i386, macppc) [i386]
         -s setsdir      directory to find sets [/usr/src/distrib/sets]
         -M metalog      metalog file
         -d dest         $DESTDIR        [/usr/home/dest]
         -t tars         $RELEASEDIR     [/usr/home/release]
         [setname ...]   sets to build   [xbase xcomp xcontrib xfont 
xserver xmisc]
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/xsrc

It seems as though there is some issue with maketars. I do not quite 
understand it though.