Subject: Kernel configs (Re: MI changes, was Re: ktrace records now get lwp id)
To: None <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/2003 09:41:15
Bill Studenmund wrote:
> The thing though is that we define around 265 kernel configurations as
> best I can tell ("ls -d */conf/[A-Z]* | grep -v CVS | grep -v Make | wc")
> and compiling all of them would be silly. Many of these files are
> duplicates/include parts. But we still have a mess of kernel configs. How
> many is enough?

I had some thoughts about kernel configs recently (I was adding PCMCIA drivers
to sparc and alpha kernels).  With all the subsystems we have, wouldn't it be
nice to only have to update a single file when adding a new driver?  We could


etc. and kernel configs would just:

  include	".../common/PCIDEVS"

The downside is when you want a kernel that only includes a subset of all the
devices.  Maybe something like the way (e.g.) atari configs are generated
could be used for this.


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