Subject: Sysctl vendor fields
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From: Joel Baker <>
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Date: 07/02/2003 15:51:26
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So, as part of the ongoing project, I'm looking at creating local patches
that enable the vendor.<vendor>.* sysctl hierarchy. This does leave
a question, however, as to what the best way to work with this is;
sys/sysctl.h only defines 'vendor', and does not give any hint as to where
the proper place for vendor-tree values might be stored, or where the
support code for them belongs.

Granted, I can certainly come up with a place (sys/vendor.h comes to mind,
at least for the includes), but I was wondering if anyone could offer
advice on what the *correct* place would be.

It also appears that the only sane value for #define VENDOR_<foo> would
be '1' (rather than, say, an IANA enterprise OID), since it appears to be
linked to a static table definition. Is this correct?
Joel Baker                           System Administrator -    

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