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Date: 07/01/2003 02:46:19
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Dear friend,
My name is Armand Fabian an official of a finance house (which would be
disclosed later). I am looking for a foreign investor to assist me in a
transaction that involves Wealth. My mode of contacting you might not be
the most appropriate considering the sensitivity of the transaction but I
feel the internet is the best way to get a partner in this transaction. I
need  assistance to transfer an investment fund which would soon run into
the wrong hands if I do not act fast. The total sum of valuables runs into
millinos of Euros from the finance trust house. The money was part of the
funds used by the finance house on an investment that went bad during the
conversion to Euro. What happened was that I did not use all the amount
that was budgeted for the investment. The auditors have already made a
report that the fund for the purported investment is lost. But I know that
all is not lost as I did not disclose all information regarding the
investment to them neither did I submit some relevant documents. Part of
the funds for the failed investment is still within the system of the
finance house though the management is not aware of it. I would want you
to assist me in moving the said assets out of the finance house. Do
indicate your interest in assisting me move the said funds, to the email
address: so that I could send you the complete details.
when you respond I shall let you know the answers to all your questions. I
await your response.
Armand Fabian.
Do respond to: