Subject: Re: anonget2 (Was: Re: galeon and threads on -current)
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/29/2003 14:00:06
On Thu, 29 May 2003, Lennart Augustsson wrote:

> George Michaelson wrote:
> >Is this transitional
> >for some number of revisions until kernel locking/threading settles in a bit?
> >
> It has to be transitional, right now NetBSD is useless for threaded
> applications.
> >We'd just had maybe 4-5 months of this one going away. Shame it came back!
> >
> It's never been gone.  Threads have not worked properly since SA went in.
> But I'm still hoping... :-)

Lennart, could you please be less pessemistic?

Threads actually work great for an application I'm working on at work. We
can pound on very hard and it works well. There have been issues, but
Nathan has fixed them. This app actually has been good at helping uncover
them. :-) Like the upcalls-interrupting-finishing-upcalls issue Nathan
recently fixed.

Yes, there are still issues, such as SMP-unfriendliness and the main stack
size issue. They need fixing. But that doesn't mean we don't have a good
pthreads package now.

Take care,