Subject: Re: Nvidia2 board, Cardbus, Airlancer-11
To: Rafal Boni <>
From: Thomas Runge <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2003 13:07:36
On Sat, 24 May 2003, Rafal Boni wrote:

> In message <ba4utv$p8u$>, you write:
> -> (Thomas Runge) writes:
> ->
> -> >What gives me headaches is this Airlancer MC-11 Wlan card,
> -> >connected via a TI1225 PCI-Cardbus bridge. The bridge
> -> >itself is recognized by the kernel, but insertions and
> -> >removals of the Wlan card are not detected. Even after
> -> >a fresh boot with the card inserted... no card for the
> -> >kernel.
> -> >Same result when using a DWL-650 instead of the Airlancer.
> ->
> -> Both cards are PCMCIA, not cardbus. You may want to investigate
> -> different settings for: RBUS_IO_BASE, RBUS_IO_SIZE and RBUS_MIN_START.
> While this is most likely true, there *are* cardbus versions of the
> DWL-650... Gotta love companies who go through several generations
> of product with different innards and the same model number!

Well, Michael was right, it is a pcmcia device. In fact, this
pcmcia->pci adapter can only handle pcmcia, but no cardbus cards.
At least this is mechanically forced, my 3com cardbus ethernet
card just doesn't fit.

Anyway, after reading a lot (and learning more about the i386
architecture then I wanted) it seems the problem is that the bios
does not provide an unshared interrupt to the pcmcia card (which
is technically more or less an ISA card).
WinXP suffered the same problem, but this could be solved by
switching off APIC. Unfortunately this didn't help NetBSD, I
guess because the IRQ controller is still unknown to it and
NetBSD couldn't (re)assign IRQ's. *sigh*