Subject: Re: USB / Flash DIisk / Prolific / problem
To: Vincent <>
From: Dawid Szymanski <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/2003 09:04:56
[Vincent, 23 May 2003 at 09:00:38]

 | judging out of my own experience with a IOmega mini Drive, you have one
 | major problem : your stick should be detected as SCSI over USB (Using
 | SCSI over bulk-only). At first, I'd got this message too, just because
 | the config file commented out "sd0 at umass ?". I am pretty sure the
 | driver cannot find the geometry, nor send the necessary sense commands
 | to the key, so that when you try to mount it, it hangs (something I
 | experienced too). 

Dzien dobry Vincent ;)

Hmm, I tried to use it as SCSI device .. with same result.
Could you please send me your kernel config file that is about umas?


Dawid Szymański aka SQ6EMM
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  -- Petter "Nosfisk" Lindquist