Subject: Re: Running -current.
To: None <>
From: leam <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/20/2003 17:59:28
Richard Rauch wrote:

>  * The laptop is a 233MHz plain Pentium; no speed demon by present
>    standards.  Should I consider building -current daily?  Or is that
>    not a good idea even with a fast machine?  (I understand that the
>    build may break---though if need be I can roll back to 1.6[.1] or
>    a snapshot or the like.  Or should I maintain a thorough system
>    backup for re-installing?  If so, the easiest backup target medium
>    is an NFS-mounted partition on a 1.6 server; is tar good for a complete
>    system backup, or should I consider using something else?)

Only a couple answers. Doing a " distribution" on my sparc64 
(300MHz, 1G Ram) takes about 6 hours. I'm working on my procedures, but 
really I don't have much time each weeknight yet to do stuff. So I 
generally update from cvs on friday night and then have Saturday to play.

I use a dual hard disk machine, but even that has broken under 1.6 and 
1.6H. You may want to make a 1.6.1 bootable cd that has the right 
drivers and tweaks for you. Since you'll be on current, make sure your 
personal data is copied off the machine and you can just re-build if 

At least it seems to work for me.  :)