Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in April 2003
To: None <,>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/10/2003 20:45:01
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in April 2003

By my calculations, at the end of April 2003, there were 3708 packages
in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3637 the previous month, a
rise of 71.

Notable additions include:  balsa, beaver, blitz++, bogofilter,
chktex, coreutils, criticalmass, dbh, dfdisk, dinotrace-mode, erlang,
file, gaim-gtk1, gltron, gnet1, gnome, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-media,
gnome1-panel, gnome1-session, gnome2-applets, gnome2-games,
gnome2-utils, gst-plugins, gstreamer, gxine, ickle, iplog,
ircservices, libao-arts, libao-esound, liblive, licq-core,
licq-gui-console, licq-gui-qt, lua4, moz-bin-flash, moz-bin-plugger,
moz-mplayer, mozilla-bin, mtl, multitail, nautilus, netbsd-www,
nettest, ogmtools, openquicktime, opera, p5-Net-Server, pan-gnome,
PanoTools, perlsh, phoenix-bin, phoenix-bin-acroread,
phoenix-bin-flash, phoenix-bin-java, phoenix-bin-nightly,
phoenix-bin-realplayer, qadsl, realplayer-codecs, ruby-rexml,
silc-client-icb, smpeg-xmms, spamass-milter, startup-notification,
suse_freetype2, suse_libtiff, swfdec, tcpflow, ted-nl, vera-ttf,
whisker, wol, xine-lib, xine-ui, xlreader, xmms-osd, xosd, xvidcore,
and yasm.

Notable updates include:  abiword-personal, algae, amavis-perl,
ap-ssl, ap2-subversion, apache, apsfilter, arphic-ttf, arts,
baekmuk-ttf, balsa, bidwatcher, bins, bmake, buildtool, canuum,
cfengine2, cfengine2-doc, cgoban-java, coconut, coreutils, cpuflags,
createbuildlink, cross-i386-netbsdpe, curl, cvsync, cyberbase-ttf,
cyberbit-ttf, dbz-ttf, dialog, dnetc, dnstop, e2fsprogs, eb, eblook,
eclipse, eel2, eggdrop, elinks, emacs, emacs-nox11, etcupdate, euler,
evolution, exctags, fftw, flim, freetype2, frozen-bubble, g2, gaim,
galeon, geoslab703-ttf, gettext, ggv, ggv2, gimp-print, glade, glade2,
gnet, gnome-core, gnome-mime-data, gnome-session, gnome-utils,
gnome-vfs, gnome-vfs2, gnome2, gnome2-control-center, gnucap,
gnumeric, gnustep, gnustep-back, gnustep-base, gnustep-gui,
gnustep-make, gnustep-objc, Gorm, gtkglext, gxine, hdf5, icebreaker,
ifile, ImageMagick, imapfilter, iozone, ipa, ircservices,
ispell-slovak, ja-samba, jed, jhead, kde, kde3, kde3-i18n-af,
kde3-i18n-ar, kde3-i18n-bg, kde3-i18n-bs, kde3-i18n-ca, kde3-i18n-cs,
kde3-i18n-da, kde3-i18n-de, kde3-i18n-el, kde3-i18n-en_GB,
kde3-i18n-eo, kde3-i18n-es, kde3-i18n-et, kde3-i18n-eu, kde3-i18n-fa,
kde3-i18n-fi, kde3-i18n-fr, kde3-i18n-he, kde3-i18n-hu, kde3-i18n-it,
kde3-i18n-ja, kde3-i18n-lt, kde3-i18n-mt, kde3-i18n-nb, kde3-i18n-nl,
kde3-i18n-nn, kde3-i18n-nso, kde3-i18n-pl, kde3-i18n-pt,
kde3-i18n-pt_BR, kde3-i18n-ro, kde3-i18n-ru, kde3-i18n-sk,
kde3-i18n-sl, kde3-i18n-sr, kde3-i18n-sv, kde3-i18n-ta, kde3-i18n-th,
kde3-i18n-tr, kde3-i18n-uk, kde3-i18n-ven, kde3-i18n-vi, kde3-i18n-xh,
kde3-i18n-zh_CN, kde3-i18n-zh_TW, kde3-i18n-zu, (thanks, Mark)
kdeaddons3, kdeadmin3, kdeartwork3, kdebase, kdebase3, kdeedu3,
kdegames3, kdegraphics, kdegraphics3, kdelibdocs3, kdelibs, kdelibs3,
kdemultimedia, kdemultimedia3, kdenetwork3, kdepim3, kdesdk3,
kdetoys3, kdeutils3, koffice, koth, lbreakout2, leim, lgeneral,
libbonoboui, libggi, libgii, libnbcompat, libslang, libxml, libxml2,
libxslt, lmule, ltris, lua, MesaLib, mew3, micq, mimedefang,
mini_sendmail, mirrormagic-sdl, mktemp, mrstat, mrtg, mserv, Mule-UCS,
multitail, nail, naim, nautilus, nbtscan, ndtpd, netatalk, netpbm,
netscape7, nmap, nmapfe, nxtvepg, ocaml, ogle, ogle_gui,
openoffice-linux, openssh, oroborus, p5-CGI, p5-Class-ReturnValue,
p5-DBD-postgresql, p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder, p5-FCGI, p5-HTML-Parser,
p5-MIME-Base64, p5-Parse-RecDescent, p5-PerlMagick, p5-razor-agents,
p5-SDL, p5-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel, p5-Storable, p5-Text-Balanced, pan,
PanoTools, pen, perlsh, pkgdepgraph, pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_install,
popa3d, poppassd, postfix, prboom, proxycheck, py-mysqldb, py-Numeric,
py-postgresql, qcad, quanta3, rconfig, realplayer-codecs, rsync,
ruby-ri, rxvt, samba, sather, scmxx, scrot, sdig, semi, setiathome,
silc-client, smimemsg, snort, snort-mysql, snort-pgsql, spamassassin,
squid, squirrelmail, st, subversion, suck, sudo, sweep, tc, ted,
ted-cs, ted-da, ted-de, ted-en-gb, ted-en-us, ted-es, ted-fr, ted-it,
ted-nl, ted-no, ted-pt, ted-sv, teTeX-bin, teTeX2-bin, tuxpaint,
tuxracer, unicon-im, url2pkg, vera-ttf, vm, wsoundserver, xchat2,
xemacs-current, xine-lib, xjed, xmahjongg, xmame, xmess, xmms,
xmms-osd, xosd, xwrits, yorick, yplot, zope25, zope25-CMF,
zope25-CMFPlone, zope25-Squishdot, zope25-ZPhotoSlides,
zope25-ZWeatherApplet, and zope25-ZWiki.

The Package of the Month award goes to pkgsrc/www/p5-HTTP-DAV,
nominated by Erik Berls.  p5-HTTP-DAV provides perl5 webdav client
routines, but also includes a command line interface called "dave"
that acts like ftp(1).  The functionality it provides is what makes it
good - the package is really lightweight if you are already playing
around with those technologies.

Alistair Crooks
Sat May 10 17:30:13 BST 2003

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added balsa-2.0.10 as balsa2 [rh 2003-04-27]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME EMail client

	Added beaver-0.2.6 [salo 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight GTK+ text editor with syntax highlighting

	Added blitz++-0.6 [jtb 2003-04-30]
Package URL:
Comment: C++ template class library providing array objects

	Added bogofilter- [manu 2003-04-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Bayesian spam filter written in C

	Added chktex-1.6.1 [wiz 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: LaTeX semantic checker

	Added coreutils-5.0 [wiz 2003-04-10]
Package URL:
Comment: GNU basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities

	Added criticalmass-0.97 [zuntum 2003-04-12]
Package URL:
Comment: SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game

	Added dbh-1.0.14 [hubertf 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Library to create disk based Hashtables

	Added dfdisk-1.0 [jmmv 2003-04-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Fetch distfiles from multiple locations

	Added dinotrace-mode-9.1i [dmcmahill 2003-04-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Emacs major mode for dinotrace

	Added erlang-9.1 [jtb 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: concurrent functional programming language

	Added file-4.02 [cjep 2003-04-13]
Package URL:
Comment: tool for determining file type

	Added gaim-gtk1-0.59.8nb2 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK1-based client for the AOL Instant Messenger chat system

	Added gltron-0.62 [salo 2003-04-10]
Package URL:
Comment: 3D lightcycle game inspired by the movie Tron

	Added gnet1-1.1.8 [wiz 2003-04-15]
Package URL:
Comment: simple network library (older version)

	Added gnome-2.2 as gnome2 [rh 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: meta-package for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Added gnome-icon-theme-1.0.2 [rh 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME

	Added gnome-media- as gnome2-media [rh 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Set of audio/multimedia applications for GNOME

	Added gnome1-panel-1.4.2 [rh 2003-04-20]
Package URL:
Comment: gnome-panel component split out from gnome-core

	Added gnome1-session-1.4.2 [rh 2003-04-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Gnome-session component split out from gnome-core

	Added gnome2-applets-2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-21]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 panel applets

	Added gnome2-games-2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-21]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME2 games collection

	Added gnome2-utils-2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Set of useful GNOME2 utilities and applications

	Added gst-plugins-0.6.1 [rh 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: gstreamer plugins

	Added gstreamer-0.6.1 [rh 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME multimedia streamer library

	Added gxine-0.3.2 [rh 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: gtk-based media player

	Added ickle-0.3.2 [hubertf 2003-04-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Simplistic gtk+ icq client

	Added iplog-2.2.3 [hubertf 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Iplog is a tool using pcap to log ip traffic

	Added ircservices-5.0.16 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Services for IRC networks

	Added libao-arts-0.8.3 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: cross-platform audio library (arts plugin)

	Added libao-esound-0.8.3 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: cross-platform audio library (esound plugin)

	Added liblive-2003.04.04 [rh 2003-04-04]
Package URL:
Comment: set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming

	Added licq-core-1.2.6 [hubertf 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: ICQ client with plugin support

	Added licq-gui-console-1.2.6 [hubertf 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Curses GUI for licq

	Added licq-gui-qt-1.2.6 [hubertf 2003-04-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Qt GUI for licq

	Added lua4-4.0.1 [jtb 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Powerful light-weight language for extending applications

	Added moz-bin-flash-6.0.69 [rh 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Flash player for the linux version of mozilla (binary pkg)

	Added moz-bin-plugger-4.0 [rh 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: streaming multimedia plugin for Mozilla (Linux version)

	Added moz-mplayer-0.71 [salo 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Embedded video player for Mozilla

	Added mozilla-bin-1.3 [grant 2003-04-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Open-source version of the Netscape browser (binary pkg)

	Added mtl-2.1.2-21 [jtb 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Matrix Template Library

	Added multitail-1.8 [mjl 2003-04-18]
Package URL:
Comment: view one or multiple files

	Added nautilus- [rh 2003-04-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Nautilus file manager for GNOME2

	Added netbsd-www-1.0 [grant 2003-04-22]
Package URL:
Comment: meta-pkg including all packages to convert DocBook/XML -> HTML

	Added nettest-92.11.09 [cjep 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Performs client and server functions for timing data throughput

	Added ogmtools-1.0.1 [salo 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Ogg Media files manipulation tools

	Added openquicktime-1.0 [rh 2003-04-23]
Package URL:
Comment: portable library for handling QuickTime(TM) media files

	Added opera-7.1.0beta1 [jdolecek 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Small, fast and customizable WWW client

	Added p5-Net-Server-0.84 [cjep 2003-04-13]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 modules for network services engine

	Added pan-gnome-0.11.4nb2 [wiz 2003-04-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Newsreader for Gnome

	Added PanoTools-2.6b1 [rh 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: view, create, edit, and remap panoramic images

	Added perlsh-1.8 [cjep 2003-04-20]
Package URL:
Comment: The Perl Shell

	Added phoenix-bin-0.5 [grant 2003-04-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight gecko-based web browser (binary pkg)

	Added phoenix-bin-acroread-1.0 [kei 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Acrobat Reader 4 plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added phoenix-bin-flash-6.0.79 [kei 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Flash Player plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added phoenix-bin-java-1.0 [kei 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Java Run Time Environment (JRE) 1.3 plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added phoenix-bin-nightly [grant 2003-04-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight gecko-based web browser (nightly binary pkg)

	Added phoenix-bin-realplayer-1.0 [kei 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: RealAudio and RealVideo player plugin for phoenix-bin

	Added qadsl-1.2 [cjep 2003-04-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Login software for Swedish Telia ADSL/Comhem cable Internet users

	Added realplayer-codecs-8 [mrg 2003-04-01]
Package URL:
Comment: RealPlayer 8 shared libraries, primary for use with MPlayer

	Added ruby-rexml-2.4.8 [taca 2003-04-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Pure Ruby XML parser based on Java Electric XML

	Added silc-client-icb-0.14 [salo 2003-04-27]
Package URL:
Comment: silc-client plugin to access ICB networks

	Added smpeg-xmms-0.3.5 [jmmv 2003-04-10]
Package URL:
Comment: MPEG video plugin using SDL/smpeg as the backend

	Added spamass-milter-0.1.3a [manu 2003-04-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Milter interface to Spamassassin

	Added startup-notification-0.5 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 application startup notification library

	Added suse_freetype2-7.3 [jdolecek 2003-04-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package for the FreeType2 library

	Added suse_libtiff-7.3 [rh 2003-04-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package for the TIFF library

	Added swfdec-0.2.1 [rh 2003-04-23]
Package URL:
Comment: library for rendering Flash(R) animations and games

	Added tcpflow-0.20 [wiz 2003-04-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Captures data transmitted as part of TCP connections

	Added ted-nl-2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Dutch spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor

	Added vera-ttf-1.10 [salo 2003-04-17]
Package URL:
Comment: Bitstream Vera TrueType fonts

	Added whisker-2.1 [hubertf 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: URL scanner used to search for known vulnerable CGIs on websites

	Added wol-0.6.0 [zuntum 2003-04-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Small Wake On Lan client

	Added xine-lib-1.0rc9 [rh 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: multimedia player library

	Added xine-ui-0.9.20 [rh 2003-04-11]
Package URL:
Comment: skinned xlib-based xine gui

	Added xlreader-0.9.0 [zuntum 2003-04-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Converts the cells in a MS Excel file to text

	Added xmms-osd-2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-04-12]
Package URL:
Comment: XMMS plugin that shows current status on your desktop

	Added xosd-2.1.3 [jmmv 2003-04-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Library to display shaped text on your X display

	Added xvidcore-0.9.1 [rh 2003-04-06]
Package URL:
Comment: ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec

	Added yasm-0.2.0 [jmmv 2003-04-09]
Package URL:
Comment: Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler with BSD license

Updates to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated abiword-personal to 1.0.5 [martti 2003-04-17]
	Updated algae to 4.1.2 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated amavis-perl to 0.1 [manu 2003-04-17]
	Updated ap-ssl to 2.8.14 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated ap2-subversion to 0.20.1 [salo 2003-04-15]
	Updated apache to 1.3.27nb4 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated apsfilter to 7.2.5 [martti 2003-04-15]
	Updated arphic-ttf to 2.11nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated arts to 1.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated baekmuk-ttf to 2.1 [salo 2003-04-01]
	Updated baekmuk-ttf to 2.1nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated balsa to 1.4.3 [rh 2003-04-26]
	Updated bidwatcher to 1.3.7nb2 [tron 2003-04-06]
	Updated bins to 1.1.21 [martti 2003-04-08]
	Updated bins to 1.1.21nb1 [martti 2003-04-12]
	Updated bmake to 3.1.18 [sjg 2003-04-30]
	Updated buildtool to 0.11 [jmmv 2003-04-12]
	Updated canuum to 1.0nb2 [uebayasi 2003-04-19]
	Updated cfengine2 to 2.0.6 [seb 2003-04-26]
	Updated cfengine2-doc to 2.0.6 [seb 2003-04-26]
	Updated cgoban-java to 2.4.59 [mason 2003-04-07]
	Updated coconut to 0.3.0nb3 [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Updated coreutils to 5.0nb1 [tron 2003-04-11]
	Updated cpuflags to 0.40 [abs 2003-04-22]
	Updated createbuildlink to 2.5 [rh 2003-04-04]
	Updated createbuildlink to 2.6 [rh 2003-04-29]
	Updated cross-i386-netbsdpe to 1.4.0 [kent 2003-04-27]
	Updated curl to 7.10.4 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated cvsync to 0.18.0 [gehenna 2003-04-01]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.1 [gehenna 2003-04-09]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.2 [gehenna 2003-04-11]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.3 [gehenna 2003-04-14]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.4 [gehenna 2003-04-15]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.5 [gehenna 2003-04-20]
	Updated cvsync to 0.19.6 [gehenna 2003-04-23]
	Updated cvsync to 0.20.0 [gehenna 2003-04-28]
	Updated cvsync-0.19.0 [gehenna 2003-04-03]
	Updated cyberbase-ttf to 2.0nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated cyberbase-ttf to 2.0nb2 [salo 2003-04-22]
	Updated cyberbit-ttf to 2.0nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated cyberbit-ttf to 2.0nb2 [salo 2003-04-22]
	Updated dbz-ttf to 20020507nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated dialog to 0.6znb1 [jdc 2003-04-07]
	Updated dnetc to 2.8015.469nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-09]
	Updated dnstop to 20021224nb1 [wiz 2003-04-23]
	Updated e2fsprogs to 1.32 [hubertf 2003-04-15]
	Updated eb to 3.3.2 [salo 2003-04-13]
	Updated eblook to 1.5.1nb1 [salo 2003-04-13]
	Updated eclipse to 2.1 [jschauma 2003-04-17]
	Updated eel2 to [rh 2003-04-25]
	Updated eggdrop to 1.6.13nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-30]
	Updated elinks to 0.4.2nb1 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated emacs to 21.3 [uebayasi 2003-04-12]
	Updated emacs to 21.3nb1 [uebayasi 2003-04-14]
	Updated emacs-nox11 to 21.3nb1 [uebayasi 2003-04-15]
	Updated etcupdate to 20030305 [perry 2003-04-05]
	Updated euler to 1.60.6 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated evolution to 1.2.4 [rh 2003-04-12]
	Updated exctags to 5.5 [seb 2003-04-07]
	Updated fftw to 3.0 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated flim to 1.14.5nb1 [uebayasi 2003-04-13]
	Updated flim to 1.14.5nb2 [uebayasi 2003-04-17]
	Updated freetype2 to 2.1.4 [wiz 2003-04-16]
	Updated frozen-bubble to 1.0.0 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated g2 to 0.49a [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated gaim to 0.61 [jmmv 2003-04-11]
	Updated gaim to 0.62 [jmmv 2003-04-25]
	Updated galeon to 1.2.10 [taya 2003-04-24]
	Updated geoslab703-ttf to 20010522nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated gettext to 0.11.5nb2 [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated ggv to 1.0.2nb7 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated ggv2 to 2.0.0 [rh 2003-04-25]
	Updated gimp-print to 4.2.5 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated glade to 0.6.4nb1 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated glade2 to 2.0.0 [rh 2003-04-25]
	Updated gnet to 2.0.0 [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Updated gnet to 2.0.1 [wiz 2003-04-22]
	Updated gnome-core to 1.4.2nb4 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated gnome-mime-data to 2.2.0 [rh 2003-04-27]
	Updated gnome-session to 2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated gnome-utils to [tron 2003-04-11]
	Updated gnome-vfs to 1.0.5nb1 [nathanw 2003-04-17]
	Updated gnome-vfs2 to 2.2.4 [rh 2003-04-27]
	Updated gnome-vfs2 to 2.2.4nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated gnome2 to 2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-27]
	Updated gnome2 to 2.2.2 [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated gnome2 to 2.2.3 [rh 2003-04-29]
	Updated gnome2-control-center to 2.2.1 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated gnucap to 0.33 [dmcmahill 2003-04-21]
	Updated gnumeric to 1.0.13 [rh 2003-04-25]
	Updated gnustep to 1.6.0 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gnustep-back to 0.8.5 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gnustep-base to 1.6.0 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gnustep-gui to 0.8.5 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gnustep-make to 1.6.0 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gnustep-objc to 1.2.3 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated Gorm to 0.2.6 [rh 2003-04-01]
	Updated gtkglext to 0.7.1 [jmmv 2003-04-28]
	Updated gxine to 0.3.3 [rh 2003-04-11]
	Updated hdf5 to 1.4.5 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated icebreaker to 1.9.7nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated ifile to 1.3.1 [salo 2003-04-18]
	Updated ImageMagick to 5.5.6 [mjl 2003-04-15]
	Updated imapfilter to 0.8.7 [seb 2003-04-08]
	Updated iozone to 3.167 [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Updated ipa to 1.3.3 [cjep 2003-04-20]
	Updated ircservices to 5.0.16nb1 [salo 2003-04-11]
	Updated ispell-slovak to 0.2.0 [salo 2003-04-02]
	Updated ja-samba to [taca 2003-04-07]
	Updated ja-samba to [taca 2003-04-08]
	Updated ja-samba to [taca 2003-04-09]
	Updated jed to 0.99.16 [wiz 2003-04-05]
	Updated jhead to 2.0 [wiz 2003-04-23]
	Updated kde to 3.1.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-10]
	Updated kde3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-af to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ar to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bg to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-bs to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ca to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-cs to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-da to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-de to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-el to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-en_GB to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eo to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-es to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-et to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-eu to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fa to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fi to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-fr to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-he to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-hu to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-it to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ja to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-lt to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-mt to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nb to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nl to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nn to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-nso to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pl to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-pt_BR to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ro to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ru to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sk to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sl to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sr to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-sv to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ta to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-th to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-tr to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-uk to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-ven to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-vi to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-xh to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_CN to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zh_TW to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kde3-i18n-zu to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdeaddons3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdeadmin3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdeartwork3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdebase to 3.1.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-10]
	Updated kdebase3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdeedu3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdegames3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdegraphics to 3.1.1nb2 [markd 2003-04-10]
	Updated kdegraphics3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdegraphics3 to 3.1.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-03]
	Updated kdelibdocs3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdelibs to 3.1.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-10]
	Updated kdelibs3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdemultimedia to 3.1.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated kdemultimedia3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdenetwork3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdepim3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdesdk3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdetoys3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated kdeutils3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated koffice to 1.2.1nb1 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated koth to 0.8.0 [wiz 2003-04-02]
	Updated lbreakout2 to 2.4.1nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated leim to 21.3 [wiz 2003-04-12]
	Updated lgeneral to 1.1.1nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated libbonoboui to [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated libggi to 2.0.3 [wiz 2003-04-02]
	Updated libgii to 0.8.3 [wiz 2003-04-02]
	Updated libnbcompat to 20030403 [grant 2003-04-03]
	Updated libslang to 1.4.9 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated libxml to 1.8.17nb1 [martti 2003-04-25]
	Updated libxml2 to 2.5.6 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated libxslt to 1.0.29 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated lmule to 1.1.13nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-16]
	Updated ltris to 1.0.1nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated lua to 5.0 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated MesaLib to 5.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-04-17]
	Updated mew3 to 3.2 [uebayasi 2003-04-12]
	Updated micq to [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated mimedefang to 2.33 [markd 2003-04-28]
	Updated mini_sendmail to 1.3.2nb2 [jmmv 2003-04-24]
	Updated mirrormagic-sdl to 2.0.1nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated mktemp to 1.5 [salo 2003-04-25]
	Updated mrstat to 1.16 [abs 2003-04-03]
	Updated mrstat to 1.17 [abs 2003-04-04]
	Updated mrtg to 2.9.28 [martti 2003-04-08]
	Updated mserv to 0.33nb6 [abs 2003-04-17]
	Updated Mule-UCS to 0.84nb3 [kei 2003-04-16]
	Updated Mule-UCS to 0.84nb4 [uebayasi 2003-04-17]
	Updated multitail to 2.0 [mjl 2003-04-23]
	Updated nail to 10.5 [cjep 2003-04-27]
	Updated naim to [wiz 2003-04-23]
	Updated nautilus to [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated nbtscan to 1.5 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated ndtpd to 3.1.4nb1 [salo 2003-04-13]
	Updated netatalk to 1.6.2 [fredb 2003-04-28]
	Updated netpbm to 10.11.8 [tron 2003-04-28]
	Updated netscape7 to 7.02 [abs 2003-04-24]
	Updated nmap to 3.25 [salo 2003-04-22]
	Updated nmap to 3.26 [salo 2003-04-27]
	Updated nmap to 3.27 [salo 2003-04-28]
	Updated nmapfe to 0.9.5nb2 [salo 2003-04-22]
	Updated nmapfe to 0.95nb3 [salo 2003-04-27]
	Updated nmapfe to 0.95nb4 [salo 2003-04-28]
	Updated nxtvepg to 2.5.0 [magick 2003-04-06]
	Updated ocaml to 3.06nb1 [jschauma 2003-04-18]
	Updated ogle to 0.9.1 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated ogle_gui to 0.9.1 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated openoffice-linux to [mrauch 2003-04-26]
	Updated openssh to [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated oroborus to 2.0.12 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated p5-CGI to 2.91 [mjl 2003-04-21]
	Updated p5-Class-ReturnValue to 0.51 [mjl 2003-04-21]
	Updated p5-DBD-postgresql to 1.22 [mjl 2003-04-20]
	Updated p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder to 0.80 [mjl 2003-04-21]
	Updated p5-FCGI to 0.67 [mjl 2003-04-24]
	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.27 [martti 2003-04-12]
	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 2.18 [martti 2003-04-12]
	Updated p5-Parse-RecDescent to 1.94 [mjl 2003-04-25]
	Updated p5-PerlMagick to 5.5.6 [mjl 2003-04-15]
	Updated p5-razor-agents to 2.22 [heinz 2003-04-24]
	Updated p5-SDL to 1.19.2nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated p5-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel to 0.41 [mjl 2003-04-25]
	Updated p5-Storable to 2.06 [martti 2003-04-12]
	Updated p5-Text-Balanced to 1.94 [mjl 2003-04-25]
	Updated pan to 0.13.4nb1 [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Updated PanoTools to 2.6b1nb1 [rh 2003-04-20]
	Updated pen to 0.10.1 [cjep 2003-04-13]
	Updated perlsh to 1.8nb1 [cjep 2003-04-20]
	Updated pkgdepgraph to 2.5 [atatat 2003-04-30]
	Updated pkgdiff to 0.108 [seb 2003-04-09]
	Updated pkglint to 3.50 [rh 2003-04-19]
	Updated pkglint to 3.51 [wiz 2003-04-22]
	Updated pkglint to 3.52 [wiz 2003-04-22]
	Updated pkglint to 3.53 [atatat 2003-04-30]
	Updated pkg_install to 20030410 [grant 2003-04-10]
	Updated pkg_install to 20030411 [grant 2003-04-11]
	Updated pkg_install to 20030423 [seb 2003-04-23]
	Updated popa3d to 0.6.3 [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Updated poppassd to 4.0.5nb1 [taca 2003-04-29]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.8 [martti 2003-04-17]
	Updated postfix to 2.0.9 [martti 2003-04-21]
	Updated prboom to 2.2.3nb2 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated proxycheck to 0.42 [wiz 2003-04-09]
	Updated py-mysqldb to 0.9.2 [cjep 2003-04-13]
	Updated py-Numeric to 23.0 [drochner 2003-04-03]
	Updated py-postgresql to 3.3nb2 [toshii 2003-04-03]
	Updated qcad to 1.5.4 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated quanta3 to 3.1.1 [markd 2003-04-01]
	Updated rconfig to 0.17 [abs 2003-04-01]
	Updated realplayer-codecs to 8nb1 [salo 2003-04-03]
	Updated rsync to 2.5.6nb1 [salo 2003-04-11]
	Updated ruby-ri to 0.8a [taca 2002-04-21]
	Updated rxvt to 2.7.10nb3 [martin 2003-04-28]
	Updated samba to 2.2.8a [cjep 2003-04-07]
	Updated sather to 1.2.1nb1 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated scmxx to [wiz 2003-04-18]
	Updated scrot to 0.6nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-27]
	Updated sdig to 1.30 [bouyer 2003-04-07]
	Updated semi to 1.14.5nb1 [uebayasi 2003-04-13]
	Updated setiathome to 3.03nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-09]
	Updated silc-client to 0.9.12nb1 [salo 2003-04-27]
	Updated smimemsg to 1.5 [cjep 2003-04-13]
	Updated snort to 2.0.0 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated snort to 2.0.0nb1 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated snort-mysql to 2.0.0 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated snort-mysql to 2.0.0nb1 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated snort-pgsql to 2.0.0 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated snort-pgsql to 2.0.0nb1 [salo 2003-04-16]
	Updated spamassassin to 2.53 [heinz 2003-04-15]
	Updated squid to 2.5.2nb1 [taca 2003-04-11]
	Updated squid to 2.5.2nb2 [taca 2003-04-28]
	Updated squirrelmail to 1.4.0 [martti 2003-04-15]
	Updated st to 1.4 [gson 2003-04-02]
	Updated subversion to 0.20.1 [salo 2003-04-15]
	Updated suck to 4.3.2 [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Updated sudo to [wiz 2003-04-01]
	Updated sudo to [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated sudo to [cjep 2003-04-07]
	Updated sudo to [taca 2003-04-22]
	Updated sweep to 0.8.2 [jmmv 2003-04-30]
	Updated tc to 2.3 [uebayasi 2003-04-17]
	Updated ted to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-cs to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-da to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-de to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-en-gb to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-en-us to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-es to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-fr to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-it to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-nl to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-no to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-pt to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated ted-sv to 2.14 [markd 2003-04-09]
	Updated teTeX-bin to 1.0.7nb3 [jschauma 2003-04-11]
	Updated teTeX2-bin to 2.0.2nb1 [jschauma 2003-04-11]
	Updated tuxpaint to 0.9.10nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated tuxracer to 0.61nb1 [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Updated unicon-im to 1.2nb1 [kei 2003-04-18]
	Updated url2pkg to 1.21 [rh 2003-04-22]
	Updated url2pkg to 1.22 [rh 2003-04-22]
	Updated url2pkg to 1.23 [rh 2003-04-23]
	Updated vera-ttf to 1.10nb1 [salo 2003-04-17]
	Updated vm to 7.14 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated wsoundserver 0.4.0nb2 [jmmv 2003-04-30]
	Updated xchat2 to 2.0.2 [jmmv 2003-04-24]
	Updated xemacs-current to 21.5.11 [magick 2003-04-07]
	Updated xine-lib to 1.0rc10 [rh 2003-04-11]
	Updated xjed to 0.99.16 [wiz 2003-04-05]
	Updated xmahjongg to 3.61 [salo 2003-04-10]
	Updated xmame to 0.67.2 [kristerw 2003-04-13]
	Updated xmess to 0.67.2 [kristerw 2003-04-13]
	Updated xmms to 1.2.7nb5 [nathanw 2003-04-17]
	Updated xmms-osd to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-04-22]
	Updated xosd to 2.2.0 [jmmv 2003-04-12]
	Updated xosd to 2.2.0nb1 [jmmv 2003-04-12]
	Updated xosd to 2.2.1 [jmmv 2003-04-22]
	Updated xwrits to 2.21 [dmcmahill 2003-04-10]
	Updated yorick to 1.5.12 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated yplot to 1.1.0nb2 [jtb 2003-04-29]
	Updated zope25 to 2.6.1 [drochner 2003-04-17]
	Updated zope25-CMF to 1.3.1 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated zope25-CMFPlone to 1.0.1 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated zope25-Squishdot to 1.5.0 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated zope25-ZPhotoSlides to 1.1 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated zope25-ZWeatherApplet to 1.51 [drochner 2003-04-23]
	Updated zope25-ZWiki to 0.17.0 [drochner 2003-04-23]

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Enabled RealPlayer support in MPlayer for PowerPC and Alpha systems
		[mrg 2003-04-10]

	Removed fileutils [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Removed gtk2-pan [wiz 2003-04-15]
	Removed moz-linux-plugger [rh 2003-04-19]
	Removed mozilla-flash-bin [rh 2003-04-19]
	Removed mozilla-linux, renamed to mozilla-bin [grant 2003-04-14]
	Removed phoenix-linux, renamed to phoenix-bin [grant 2003-04-14]
	Removed phoenix-linux-nightly, renamed to phoenix-bin-nightly
		[grant 2003-04-14]
	Removed sh-utils [wiz 2003-04-10]
	Removed skipstone [wiz 2003-04-16]
	Removed textutils [wiz 2003-04-10]

	Renamed SDL-image to SDL_image [wiz 2003-04-03]
	Renamed SDL-mixer to SDL_mixer [wiz 2003-04-03]