Subject: RE: English in NetBSD
To: Michael Hertrick <>
From: Sporleder, Matthew (CCI-Atlanta) <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/06/2003 13:56:26

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From: Michael Hertrick []
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Subject: Re: English in NetBSD

Forget the way things have been.  If it's flawed, change it.  Language
evolves, so don't fight it.

> And considering the comma, I'm a 100% certain that placing a comma
> before "and" in Dutch is a grammatical error. I'm not entirely sure if
> that's the case in English as well, but I think it probably is. It
> doesn't seem logical to me, since 'and' effectively replaces the =

I think you're safer using a comma to replace the 'and' rather than =
'and' to
replace the comma.  Do not use 'and' to separate any list items, even =
last item.

Instead of "To my parents, Ayn Rand and God." or "To my parents, Ayn =
and God." use:

"To my parents, Ayn Rand, God."

The 'and' in this case is understood and does not need to be written.  =
like the Latin method someone mentioned, but instead of 'and' we use a

Can anyone give one good reason why the 'and' needs to be there?  All it
seems to do is complicate things and doesn't really provide any meaning.