Subject: Re: /usr/bin/which is a csh script!!?!
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/2003 20:21:46
> Sorry, read "Which also works..." as "'which' also required
> by posix."

You weren't the only one :-)

I guess it is my fault for not realising that 'Which' could be mistaken
for 'which' when I wrote the earlier sentence.

I know that 'command -v' is required by POSIX because I sat and implemeted
it [1] for netbsd's /bin/sh - it was a right pain to get anywhere near


[1] it isn't quite right due to the way netbsd's /bin/sh works...
Doing it 'properly' would add a significant cost to calling many shell

David Laight: