Subject: Re: building -current on FreeBSD fails
To: None <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/2003 19:02:53
In article <> you write:
>> Thanks. That's working. Why aren't all include files in the NetBSD
>> tree used by default? Wouldn't that prevent problems like this when
>> not compiling on NetBSD?
>No, you have to use the build system's header files when running programs
>that run on the build system, otherwise you will get incorrect defines (etc).

... except of course where you're building parts of (e.g.) NetBSD's libc to
run on the host, where you need a mixture of host and NetBSD header files. 
The current build mechanism doesn't do this right, but it turns out to
mostly work.  It falls over when presented with a system which is similar
enough to NetBSD that internal header file names clash, but distinct enough
that using the wrong header file doesn't just work.  Hence, FreeBSD is
actually a really difficult host system.

I have the germ of an idea how to solve this properly, but it's quite a bit
trickier than it looks.

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