Subject: Re: galeon and threads on -current
To: Steve Bellovin <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/26/2003 19:31:13
Steve Bellovin <> writes:

> I've been having the usual "thread program hanging" problem on -current.
> It's my perception -- certainly not confirmed by anything analytic -- 
> that the problem occurs more when galeon (the program where I usually 
> see this) has been idle and is paged out.

For what it's worth, my problems with Mozilla 1.3 on -current look the
same way.  It *mostly* won't hang or crash while being used, but will
very often do so when I try to activate it again after it's been
unused for a while, and thus is mostly swapped out.  (This laptop does
not have a lot of memory.)  This might, in fact, easily be the reason
why I don't see anywhere near as many problems with the exact same
version of Mozilla (and dependencies) on the exact same date -current
on my workstation at work, which has lots and lots of RAM...

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