Subject: Re: NetBSD version naming - suggestion
To: None <>
From: Staffan Thomen <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/2003 20:14:44
On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 01:28:00 +0200 wrote:

> > While the "shouldn't", that's not realistic. If you want the new
> > cool stuff, you have to run -current. If you have a machine which is
> > only supported in -current (or use components only in -current), you
> > have to use current. We want to have more releases to reduce this
> > pressure, but we keep adding things that need shaking out (ELF for
> > 1.5, UBC for 1.6, pthreads for 2.0), so we get delayed.
> > Yes, that's what we have now. And having something that makes sense
> > the first time you encounter it is what I think we should strive
> > for.=20
> no, seriously: under no circumstance we should attract too many users
> to NetBSD. Why should we? it is the quality (knowledge and readiness
> to learn) of our users that makes the NetBSD the best. if we try to=20
> be easy to do that and easy to do that ... i don't want a system like
> that. I like the stripped, configurable, powerful, logical system that
> doesn't do things for me, instead of me or behind my back. It should
> do exactly what i want. Sure it should enable me to restyle it and
> make a first-contact-all-automated-multi-media-user-friendly os out of
> it. but that should by no means be the default.
> That said back to the theme. =3D=3D=3D> sure we want people to join the
> project since there is no project without users and developers. but i
> think we have out niche (hope that the word is right), and it is
> technical excellence not user-friendliness.=20
> So back to the original conversation: If the current scheme fulfills=20
> tehnical criteria, there is no need to change it (especially not for
> the reason of new users feeling more comfortable with it).
> yes i know i went a bit off with this but i had to explain my view
> of the background of this discussion and the missed wrong for
> changing the scheme.

 I could not agree more, and I wish to underline the fact that people
 for some mysterious reason seem to think we should cornform in every
 possible way to some new hypothetical user, which I personally think
 is just bad.

 /Staffan, butting in an rhethoric-skill deficient <AOL/>

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