Subject: Re: New power management framework for sysmon
To: Patrick Welche <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/2003 18:00:56
On Sunday, April 20, 2003, at 04:52  PM, Patrick Welche wrote:

> Pre acpi, my hp pavilion beeped when battery power was getting low. 
> With
> acpi in kernel, this beep no longer happens. Envstat correctly shows 
> the
> battery emptying, but then the laptop just stops when it runs out of
> juice. This makes me wonder: with acpi, could the inbuilt automatic 
> power
> off on overheating get over ridden too?

ACPI puts all of the responsibility on the OS.  With APM, the BIOS is 
doing it all for you.

The reason you have this problem now is because the OS isn't doing 
anything with that battery discharge info.  That is what has to change.

It will be the same with "critical temp shutdown".

Windows is the same way -- the OS has to do EVERYTHING with ACPI.  
However, this is actually a good thing, because you can define the 
policy to whatever you want, as opposed to what the APM BIOS wants to 
provide to you.

         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>