Subject: Re: Another gcc3 question!
To: Bob Bernstein <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/17/2003 12:35:34
Thus spake Bob Bernstein ("BB> ") sometime Today...

BB> Does this mean that /usr/pkg/etc/ should contain a line such
BB> as '-W1,-R/usr/p;kg/gcc-3.2.2/lib'?

I presume you mean '-Wl,-R...' (that's a lower case 'ell', not a 'one'),
and I will assume the semicolon to have been a velocitypo.

Those aside, I would think that yes, those might prove to be handy,
seeing as it looks to be initally compiling against them at build time.

The other option is to make sure that you build against the system
libraries and not the ones with gcc, but I'm not certain at all if/how well
that would work.

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