Subject: Another gcc3 question!
To: None <>
From: Bob Bernstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/17/2003 15:02:10
It's been a long time since I posted one of my now-infamous Big Dummy
Questions, so here goes:

I have an intel box running a recent 1.6R kernel, with 1.6Q world. 


1.I build gcc-3.2.2 from pkgsrc with, evidently, no errors. 

2.Mostly out of curiosity, I decide to build pkgsrc mozilla (1.3) using
the new compiler! I include /usr/pkg/etc/ at the end of the
Makefile, type 'make' and whack <Enter>. 

(Many, many hours pass....)

3. The build completes with, evidently, no errors, so I type 'make
install' and again whack <Enter>. No joy. There is a complaint about
shared objects, and not being found. These
of course are in /usr/pkg/gcc-3.2.2/lib.

Does this mean that /usr/pkg/etc/ should contain a line such
as '-W1,-R/usr/p;kg/gcc-3.2.2/lib'?

Best &c.,

Bob Bernstein