Subject: Re: Horrible RAIDFrame Crash
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Caffeinate The World <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/2003 11:32:28
--- Caffeinate The World <> wrote:
> --- Caffeinate The World <> wrote:
> I unplugged the SCSI connector from sd0 and booted the system up
> again.
> It booted up fine with the failed component errors. So sd1 is fine. 
> What can I do to further narrow down the problem. Apparantly it's sd0
> and it could be during the write process that caused the Multiple
> disks
> error. I get the feeling that if I repeat building sd0 as the spare,
> I'll get the same errors.

I unplugged the SCSI cable from sd0, boot up the system. Booted up
fine. Shutdown to single user mode. Plug the SCSI cable back into sd0
and "scsictl scsibus0 scan any any". It found sd0 fine.

Tried to get sd0a to hotspare with raid0 again.

raidctl -a /dev/sd0a raid0
warning: truncating spare disk /dev/sd0a to 1023872 blocks

NOTE: sd0a has the same layout and size as sd1a used by raid0. So that
truncating error doesn't make sense.

raidctl -vF component0 raid0
started doing the reconstruction and was at 2% when scrolling errors... then

recon read failed
panic: raidframe error at line 1314 file
syncing disks... Multiple disks failed in a single group! Aborting I/O

Multiple disks failed...operation [repeated 17 times]

panic raidframe error at line 471 file

P.S. I started the  NetBSD nightmare thread FFS2, I guess this is the
sequel: NetBSD Nightmare II. :(


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