Subject: Re: Horrible RAIDFrame Crash
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Caffeinate The World <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/2003 08:58:41
--- Caffeinate The World <> wrote:
> > > 2. anyway to get the raid to boot again? ie. fix this problem?
> > 
> > You *might* be able to get it to light again by removing sd0 from
> the
> > system
> > and booting from sd1.
> > 
> > > 3. is this a nasty bug?
> > 
> > It sounds more like a read error on sd1a.  (A write error on sd0a
> > shouldn't 
> > have caused the "Multiple disks...." error.)  The "louder than
> usual
> > 2 second 
> > grinding noise from the HDs" points to a hardware problem.  

I unplugged the SCSI connector from sd0 and booted the system up again.
It booted up fine with the failed component errors. So sd1 is fine. 

What can I do to further narrow down the problem. Apparantly it's sd0
and it could be during the write process that caused the Multiple disks
error. I get the feeling that if I repeat building sd0 as the spare,
I'll get the same errors.


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