Subject: Horrible RAIDFrame Crash
To: None <>
From: Caffeinate The World <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/2003 03:18:13
Alpha 1.6R CVS src from 4/13.

I was trying to build a raid1 set using sd0 and sd1. sd0 that had live
data on it. I succeeded in creating a temporary set using sd1 and a
fake nonexisting first component. 

sd1a raid0 /
sd1b raid1 swap
sd1d raid2 /var
sd1e raid3 /usr

installboot was used on sd1c. During reboot, I told the alpha to boot
from dkc200 where sd1 lived. It booted up fine with the regular
warnings regarding the fake component.

Then I disklabel sd0 with an exact duplicate of sd1 disklabel with only
 the "disk:" field in the disklabel different. installboot on sd0c went

Then I tried to:

raidctl -a /dev/sd0a raid0 
raidctl -vF component0 raid0
... all hell broke ...

I head a louder than usual 2 second grinding noise from the HDs in the
alpha. Then errors scrolled so fast I couldn't see. But I did see:

Multiple disks failed in a single group!  Aborting I/O operation.

The alpha rebooted itself. I told it to use dkc200 (sd1) to boot from.
1st and 2nd boot stage went fine. kernel was showing dmesg.. it showed
the SCSI drives sd0 and sd1.. then it showed the line:

Kernelized RAIDFrame activated
... bunch  of fast scrolling errors that I couldn't see ...

I was able to ctrl-c out to >>> and toward the top it said not able to
find init.. and it tried to find init.bak but couldn't.

My questions:

1. is my data gone?
2. anyway to get the raid to boot again? ie. fix this problem?
3. is this a nasty bug?
4. anyway to pause the screen from scrolling?


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