Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/dist/am-utils/fsinfo
To: None <>
From: Jed Davis <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/2003 17:33:30
Bob Bernstein <> writes:

> On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 10:16:46AM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> > The Merriam Webster Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary
> > both disagree with you. I tend to believe them.
> The OED and Webster's 2nd Unabridged agree with John. I'd say you'd
> lose that battle of the dictionaries! <g>

Yes, but Donald Knuth says:

: Newly coined nonce words of English are often spelled with a hyphen,
: but the hyphen disappears when the words become widely used. For
: example, people used to write ``non-zero'' and ``soft-ware'' instead
: of ``nonzero'' and ``software''; the same trend has occurred for
: hundreds of other words. Thus it's high time for everybody to stop
: using the archaic spelling ``e-mail''. Think of how many keystrokes
: you will save in your lifetime if you stop now!


let s,o=" earthClockJnums",print_char in let(* But life wasn't yes-no, on-off.*)
rec f=function _::0::r->f r|n::d::r->o(* Life was shades of gray, and rainbows*)
s.[n/d];f(d::n mod d::r)|_->o '\n'in f(* not in the order of the spectrum.    *)
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