Subject: Re: alias netmask
To: None <>
From: Caffeinate The World <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/2003 12:06:37
--- Greywolf <> wrote:
> # Internal (house) network.  /24.  That's all I need, and NATing
> anything
> # else is just insane.
> 	inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
> # External real-world address for www, ftp, etc.  /29 (8 addrs)
> 	inet alias netmask 0xfffffff8 broadcast
> # NAT address to the outside world (this is my NAT box), also /29
> # since it's within the same address space as the above.
> 	inet alias netmask 0xfffffff8 broadcast

I use the same methods as you greywolf. However, according to the
FreeBSD people, since alias, then the alias following that should be /32.

Which is the righ logic? or is there one?

From FreeBSD Handbook:

For example, consider the case where the fxp0 interface is connected to
two networks, the network with a netmask of and
the network with a netmask of We want the
system to appear at through and at

The following entries configure the adapter correctly for this

     ifconfig_fxp0="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias0="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias1="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias2="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias3="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias4="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias5="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias6="inet netmask"
     ifconfig_fxp0_alias7="inet netmask"


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