Subject: Re: HEADS-UP: sendmail 8.12.8 imported
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/2003 22:20:59
Quoting David Laight (
> > changes to /etc/postinstall will help with upgrades and advise you of
> > any possible problems.
> Mmmmm   just taken me over an hour to get outbound mail going again :-(
> Local files need to be rebuilt from the file.
> The file has to be edited because:
> 1) the lines now need to be ordered differently
> 2) AutoRebuildAliases has been deprecated
No, it was depreciated in 8.11.  Now it's gone.
I hate it.  The "security issue" was dealable and
I'm looking to hack it back in as a DontBlameSendmail thing.

But that may go by the wayside if I can get mailman
and majordomo to populate LDAP instead of files.

> 3) the syntax of FEATURE(access_db) has changed
been extended more, but what changed for you?

> 4) CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Address=, Modifiers=h') now works, used to
>    be a horrid define.
> Oh - mailq no longer seems to work :-(
mailq as root.  "mailq -Am" (or mailq) shows main queues and queue groups.
"mailq -Ac" shows the clientqueue .

Queue groups rock.  Sometime in 8.12 they fixed the tagging,
so I have a group for mail FROM Mailer-Daemon.  Means all
those bounces can live in a low priority queue that gets run
every once in a while.  Really nice.

For corps, you can have INBOUND QUEUE, PARTNER QUEUE and
EVERYONE ELSE QUEUE.  Throw a permanent queue runner on the
Inbound queue and it's sure to get in more quickly.