Subject: Problem with make and signal.h
To: None <>
From: Jean-Edouard BABIN <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/2003 11:51:55

I use NetBSD 1.6 and I have downloaded the current source, when i try to
build with ./ -E -O /mnt/obj -T /mnt/tools build
(source are on /mnt/src)
I get an error

-DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP -I/mnt/src/tools/make/../../usr.bin/make -c
In file included from /mnt/src/tools/make/../../usr.bin/make/compat.c:73:
/usr/include/signal.h:174: parse error before `siginfo_t'
/usr/include/signal.h:178: parse error before `siginfo_t'
/usr/include/signal.h:180: parse error before `siginfo_t'

I have seen that /usr.bin/make/compat.c has not change since a long time so
i think that the problem is not here, i have try to use signal.h of the
source tree but i get the same error
Thanks for you help

Jean-Edouard BABIN
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IRC : Jeb @ Undernet