Subject: Re: sendmail install from - no
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/2003 09:13:51
On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:02:40 -0500 Andrew Brown <> wrote:

> >> >I did (cd /usr/src; ./ -E build) and have a foonly fine system
> >of> >current, but I notice that my sendmail borked at boot, complaining
> >that the> >/etc/mail/ was for v9.
> >> 
> >> did you try /etc/postinstall after you were done building?  that
> >> always helps a lot.
> >
> >doesn't build do that for you? doesn't etcupdate do that for you?
> build only builds everything, it doesn't touch /etc.  but you are a
> (-E) expert, so you knew that, right?  ;

yea. I kinda wish it was -I(nplace) instead of

> >(shrug) no I didn't do /etc/postinstall. Ok. rate me clueless, but when did
> >that make it into the *documented* "you should do this" phase of a
> >run? Cos I got pointed at etcupdate, and run that believing 'it fixes
> >things'
> i can't speak for etcupdate, since i've never used it.  i think
> (though i'm probably wrong) that it updates things, but doesn't
> necessarily install new things.

It asks you to accept/reject/merge/ignore changed files in the /etc hierarchy
which sounds to me pretty well perfect for this task.

postinstall is run by for you now. It doesn't fix this problem (but
you know that now anyway)

> >> >so I did manual stuff to upgrade (cd
> >/usr/src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/cf/cf;> >make && make install) and it writes
> >to /usr/share/sendmail, not /etc/mail/> 
> >> that's correct behavior.  a "make install" will not install files into
> >> /etc, since that has a high probability of overwriting files you are
> >> expected to be able to modify freely.
> >> 
> >> have you modified your /etc/mail/ file at all, or did you
> >> simply use the one that was originally installed?
> >
> >I modified one by hand many many currents ago.
> and is that the one you're still using?

It was, yes. The problem was that it was v9, and pre-dated the change to a
requirement for a split send/receive .cf file. Again, I don't understand how
this only cropped up *now* because I've been doing for a whiles now.

> >> >hmm. Have I somehow missed a step in a critical bugfix/patch upgrade
> >which> >created the and cf from the
> >> 
> >>'ve found the step.  i suppose you didn't find anything
> >> telling you want to do next though.  where did you look?
> >
> >/usr/src/UPDATING. 
> yeah, that was mentioned to me by another party.  i'm making something
> up to put in there now.


> >> there are two sample type files in /usr/share/sendmail/cf:
> >> and  if you don't see them there, cd to that
> >> directory and make them (ie type "make" or "make
> >>").  copy one to /etc/mail/
> >
> >ummm hows a boy meant to know to do that?
> right.   okay point taken.  :)
> >> >etcupdate didn't complain either.
> >> 
> >> hmm...never tried that.
> >
> >odd. how come I think its de rigeur?
> dunno.  i always used to do /etc updates by hand.  then postinstall
> came along and automated some of it for me, though i still do a chunk
> of it by hand.

I'd run etcupdate a few times to see what it does. It works for me, and lets
me keep my passwd/group/rc.conf stuff while forcing in the new contents of
rc.d and the like.

From reading other peoples mail I can see that if I adopt a which
has the localhost binding, I too will cease to hang on my laptop when booting
on a foreign network. So goodness comes from this upgrade process in many ways
and I thank you for it!