Subject: Re: new sendmail spooling and dns
To: Thomas Miller <>
From: Thomas Miller <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/2003 21:00:31
Hi again Andrew,

Thank you again for your very helpful comments.  In particular, you said:

> when you go back on-line, then the dns lookups can work again, so
> the queue can be flushed.   

Then I asked:

Sometimes I go on line just for a moment and just for the purpose of
sending mail.  So, the solution apparently is to "wake up" the 
queue runner and get it to flush the clientmqueue as soon as I go on 
line.  What would be the best way to to sound the reveille bugle?  

Then I tried:

# sendmail -Ac -q -v

This _seemed_ to work, but is it really the right way to sound reville
for the queue runner?  

Thanks yet again!

Kindest regards,