Subject: Re: sendmail install from - no
To: Johnny Billquist <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/2003 18:13:49
>> > >I did (cd /usr/src; ./ -E build) and have a foonly fine system of
>> > >current, but I notice that my sendmail borked at boot, complaining that the
>> > >/etc/mail/ was for v9.
>> > 
>> > did you try /etc/postinstall after you were done building?  that
>> > always helps a lot.
>> doesn't build do that for you? doesn't etcupdate do that for you?
>build runs postinstall check for you.

release will.  distribution will.  iirc, build does not.

>etcupdate runs postinstall check for you.

that's true.

>> (shrug) no I didn't do /etc/postinstall. Ok. rate me clueless, but when did
>> that make it into the *documented* "you should do this" phase of a
>> run? Cos I got pointed at etcupdate, and run that believing 'it fixes things'
>Well, if you ran, it should have run postinstall for you, and you
>said you ran etcupdate, which I *know* runs postinstall. So yes, you did
>run postinstall. :-)

that's true, too.  well...the bit about etcupdate.  if you're running
etcupdate against a source tree and not a "binary" distribution.  :)

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