Subject: Re: Sendmail config files won't get updated
To: Peter. Bex <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/2003 17:05:51
>After doing postinstall and etcupdates and fixing as much as I could, I can't
>get rid of this:
>-After an etcupdate-
>postinstall checks failed: sendmail
>To fix, run:
>    /etc/postinstall -s /usr/src -d / fix sendmail
>*** All done
>frohike: {2} /etc/postinstall -s /usr/src -d / fix sendmail
>Source directory: /usr/src
>Target directory: /
>sendmail fix:
>        Version of /etc/mail/ is 9, should be 10 [NOT FIXED]
>        Submission configuration file /etc/mail/ missing [NOT FIXED]
>postinstall fixes passed:
>postinstall fixes failed: sendmail
>I've already added the user and group smmsp with etcupdate, but it doesn't
>change or add I can't find default copies of the
>mentioned files in /usr/dist/etc or /usr/dist/etc/etc.i386 either. (I did
>a -D /usr/dist)

what was the full command that you typed?  " -D /usr/dist" by
itself merely emits a usage message. Missing operation to perform.

  Usage: [-EnorUu] [-a arch] [-B buildid] [-D dest] [-j njob] [-M obj]
                [-m mach] [-O obj] [-R release] [-T tools] [-V var=[value]]
                [-w wrapper]   operation [...]

   Build operations (all imply "obj" and "tools"):
      build               Run "make build"
      distribution        Run "make distribution" (includes DESTDIR/etc/ files)
      release             Run "make release" (includes kernels & distrib media)

if you didn't do a "distribution" or "release", then (as noted above),
the /etc/ files will not have been installed.  if you did, take a look
in /usr/dist/etc/mail.  you should see them there.

>How can I fix this manually? Just out of curiosity: How are these files
>generated on a new system if they're not in a directory?

the /usr/share/sendmail/cf directory should contain and
a file, either of which can be used to generate a perfectly
good file.  personally, i recommend the former.

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